SNES Super Disc Addon

In the early 90s, many video game manufacturers saw the relatively new medium of the CD as a way to expand the capabilities of their existing consoles, and Nintendo had plans for a CD expansion for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Originally planned and developed in co-operation with Sony, Nintendo later turned to Phillips to bring the project to a conclusion, but a finished product never saw the light of day. Sony, offended by Nintendo, developed the Playstation to market maturity and Phillips released the CD-I independently.
But if history had taken a different course, perhaps we would all remember the Nintendo Super Disc today.

Roughly based on the design of the SatellaView I have designed my version of the CD-Rom addon.

Modelled in CAD with Fusion 360 and staged with Blender, rendered in Cycles. Post work in BM Fusion, editing in Resolve.
Turn Tables:

Making Of Stuff:

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