I grabbed the excellent CAD model of the Apollo Command Module hatch made by Andrew Barth

and wanted to create a photo realistic version from it and also mimicking the photographic and filmic equipment the crews had on board of the Apollo spacecraft (medium format camera for stills and 16mm camera for moving pictures) and also the lighting conditions inside the capsule.

The main problem with CAD data is that edges are often perfectly sharp which of course does not represent the real world look of casted or machined parts so I did a combination of remodeling parts with different methods like volume meshing and auto retopology and on smaller models using a round shader to get a more natural look.
Shading was done partly in Redshift procedurally and partly in Substance Painter.
And there are strange things you can encounter in luna orbit ;-)
Cinema 4D + Redshift + Substance Painter + Fusion

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