So, the idea of a chocolate themed still life popped up in my head and this is the result.
Inspiration came from other contemporary still life photography and of course the „old masters“.

The light comes from to two dishes and one area light plus some small amount of environment light from an hdr image.

Many of the pralines are photogrammetry scans done in Metashape other modeled by hand. The rest of the scene I modeled in Cinema 4D, except the acer (Laubwerk) and the skull (I honestly forgot where i got it from). The sheets where done in Marvelous Designer. Some additional sculpting, unwrapping and auto retopologizing was done in Blender. Textures where done in Substance Painter and others directly inside Cinema 4D/Redshift.

Rendered with Redshift inside Cinema 4D on two GTX 1070. Took about 4 hours in 6000x6000 pixels.

Post work was done in Affinity Photo.

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